What are the differences from a typical marketing agency?

    • As desired, we work in your premises or from our office
    • You win a full- or part time professional without personnel expenses or long contractual requirements
    • JUBITZ & SOCI is ready to act as multilingual sales representative for trades shows or events
    • We fullfil in your name presentations or speeches (in German, Italian or English) on internal or external events and congresses
    • We  take over the responsibility for your marketing and communications activities (success related payment)
      • We will not surprise you with unexpected additional post-calculations
      • Our flexible network of experts guarantee top-quality for any project and not the fulfillment by junior staff
      • We strive for customer satisfaction and long-term partnerships and not for short-term high-prestige projects with huge volumes
      • We can help optimize your existing partners (designers, printers, etc.) and/or manage them directly, based on your requirements
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